Grow N Glow Hair Skin Nails Anti Aging Multivitamins

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Anti-Aging Hair, Skin and Nails Vitamin

(No Biotin. No Fillers. ) 180 Vegetable Capsules
Gluten, Wheat, and Dairy Free

Directions: Take 3 pills a.m. and 3 pills p.m. with an 8oz glass of water.
Ingredients: Pure Bamboo Extract (Standardized to contain 70% Silica), Moringa Extract (Moringa Oleifera Bark)

Must be used within 3 months
Stored in a Cool Dry Place 

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Tyra Davis
Hair vitamins

I’ve been ordering this product since 2016. I’ve been using their stuff for a long time. I don’t use no other vitamins but they’re vitamins. Literally, this is the only vitamins that don’t cause my hair to shead. Honestly, just the ingredients are so powerful and so potent and grows my hair so fast I always have to use these pills. This is the best vitamins. I don’t recommend no other vitamins, but these vitamins..

Amazing skin product

I have had years of struggle with acne. I have clear skin most of the time but always breakout the week of my cycle. It doesn't seem to matter what products I use topically, those hormonal breakouts are relentless. BUT when I take GROW N GLOW supplements daily my skin is leaps and bounds happier. I barely breakout at all anymore. It has been the only thing I've tried that keeps the acne away. My favorite supplement of all time.

And yes, I do notice hair and nail growth. That's totally a bonus, but I use these primarily for the skin benefits.

Rebecca Collymore
Amazing Product

This product is the best I have used so far ,
Am stuck with ya. Please don't cut down on the quality because that's what keep people like me coming back.
A must buy ya'all👌

Tamica Thompson

I started taking the pills about three weeks now and I have definitely noticed growth in my hair and my nails it’s definitely working.

Marwah Alfulfulee
Grow N Glow Hair Skin Anti Aging Multivitamins

I've been taking GNG multivitamin for 3 years continuously, and I have not seen anything works on my hair and nails before as these pills does to me.
I preferer them on other products in the market, because they are gentle on my digestive system and I don't get any side effects. I just wish that I can get a better price because I'm constantly ordering them. Just for loyal customers :)

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