Step 1) Wash your hair

Step 2) DO NOT condition your hair

Step 3) DO NOT towel dry, let air dry.

Step 4) Put clean strand with NO PRODUCT in it in a room temperature glass of water.

Step 5) DO NOT touch the strand, let is sit for 3 mins.

If you strand floats it is low porosity. If it immediately sinks or sinks before 3 mins it is high porosity. If it is in the middle it is medium or normal porosity.

hair porosity test

DO NOT go with the signs go with the test. Results are only accurate if you followed the exact steps. After doing this scroll to our texture chart and checkout our PRODUCT RECOMMENDATION TAB!

What Is "Hair Porosity" And Why Is It Important ?

This is the most important information you will read! Knowing your hair porosity will save you a lot of time, money and headache, because not all products work the same on all hair porosities. Before purchasing any OrganiGrowHairCo Products you MUST learn your correct hair porosity. Hair porosity is simply the ability for your hair to absorb and retain moisture. This is important because knowing your porosity will help you determine the best ways to maintain, style, hydrate, deep condition and take care of your hair. Hair Porosity is broken down into three categories, Low, Medium (or normal) and High.
Low porosity hair cuticles are flat and tight, like the shingles of a roof on a house, making it difficult for water and product to absorb inside. Medium (normal) porosity hair cuticles are slightly raised. This hair is the easiest to manage and requires the least maintenance. High porosity hair cuticles are extremely porous and raised, thus making it easy for product and moisture to get in, but product and moisture quickly escape. High Porosity hair is also typically a sign of damage and needs a little more tender, love, and care.

How Do I Determine My Hair Porosity ?

There are several ways to determine your hair porosity.
You can take the hair porosity strand test by simply dropping a single clean non conditioned strand into room temperature glass or water. After 15 minutes, if the strand floats, your hair may be low porosity. If the strand sinks just beneath the surface or in the middle you may have medium porosity hair. If the strand sinks all the way to the bottom you may have high porosity hair. You can also do the spray bottle test. Take room temperature water and mist it over your head. If the droplets sit on top of your hair, you most likely have low porosity hair. If the droplets easily absorb into your strands you are most likely a high porosity head. If the droplets sat on your hair and after a few minutes absorbed into your hair you are more than likely medium porosity.


Hair Texture Chart