Top 3 Reasons to Pre-Poo with Re-do Prepoo

Pre-Pooing is an oil treatment done to the hair before shampooing. The night before wash day, grab our Pre-Poo treatment (for low or medium/high porosity hair) and saturate your hair. You can wrap your hair in a satin scarf while you sleep or try the greenhouse method (click here to watch our tutorial). Enjoy the many benefits, after washing out the pre-poo out and following it with one of our shampoos. Here are 3 top reasons you should be using re-do prepoo before every wash! :


1. Hair Protection:

Your hair is made up of 3 different layers, the cuticle, the cortex and the medulla. The cuticle is the outermost layer and it protects the cortex. Any sort of chemical treatment or friction (combing, towel drying, sleeping, or wetting your hair, to name a few) can raise the cuticle making it weaker and more susceptible to damage. Pre-pooing nourishes the cuticle because the oils in our treatment “activate” it which allows its protein-based scales to open and close. Opened scales allow nutrients to pass through to the cortex but it's important that they’re able to close again, to keep the nutrients inside. Lipids are the molecule responsible for holding the hair together, and raised cuticles or split ends are signs of a lack of them. The fatty acids in the oils replenish these lipids. With a healthy cuticle comes a healthy cortex, which ensures that your natural hair color, thickness, and texture, will be restored.


2. Added Moisture:

As you might know, shampooing can be a really damaging process to hair. We all have sebaceous glands that produce sebum, which is what can make your locks look oily. Depending on your texture, sebum can travel slowly or quickly throughout the hair. People with oily hair may over-shampoo, in an attempt to remove the grease. In reality they are drying out their scalp causing more oils to be secreted, making their hair greasy all over again. Pre-pooing is made to protect your hair and replenish the natural oils, so that when do you shampoo, the sebaceous glands don’t try to overcompensate, for those that have that issue. For people with dry hair, pre-pooing prevents your locks from being stripped completely by shampoo. It maintains a healthy amount of oil to moisturize the hair and scalp. Using a unique blend of oils, such as rosehip and castor for low porosity hair, and flaxseed and avocado for high porosity, this treatment will nourish from root to tip.


3. Less Tangles/Breakage:

As mentioned above, wetting your hair raises the hair cuticle making it weak and fragile. Combing your hair in this state can cause breakage. On the other hand, combing your hair while dry can be much harder, and ripping through your hair can also be damaging. Using our pre-poo treatment gives you the best of both worlds. A sealed cuticle means more moisture is retained in the hair shaft which allows for softer, more flexible hair, that is less likely to break off. The oils also act as a wonderful lubricant, reducing friction while combing your hair. You can comb through your hair easily while wet, making it healthy and manageable. You can spend less time fussing with it and more time enjoying it!