We have improved our formulas just for you! We are always learning and growing with you and wanted to share what these improvements are. 

We have removed Tea Tree essential oil from ALL of our hair care products and replaced it with Green Tea Extract. Tea Tree essential oil is a wonderful essential oil with many health benefits. Nevertheless, we have found that most people are sensitive to it.

Through our testing we have found that Green Tea Extract is a Hypoallergenic and even possesses many of the same health benefits as Tea Tree Oil plus more! This will make the experience of our growers more pleasant. 

Chamomile Extract, along with Green Tea, have now been added to both of our Shampoos GrowPoo Clarifying, GrowPoo Moisturizing Shampoos, GroWash Conditioning CoWash. 

To offer more slip we included Slippery Elm to our GroWash Conditioning CoWash, GrowTein Free Deep Moisture Condish, and GrowTein Deep Moisture Condish. Slippery Elm contains Amino Acids which are vital proteins to assist in the hair growth process.

We have raised the amount of protein in our GrowTein Deep Moisture Condish with Hydrolyzed Hemp Protein.

Both of our Hair Dews for low and high porosity have replaced tea tree oil with green tea extract and added chamomile.


Note:  Changes will be made to our overall packaging and website beginning in August. However, the improvements to the ingredients will be effective as of July 13th. Please be aware that the labels will not yet reflect these changes until August.