4 Reasons You Need a Satin Head Wrap or Pillow Case


  1. Retaining Moisture: Satin is a very non absorptive material, unlike cotton which can absorb up to 27 times its weight. Cotton is made up mostly of a molecule called cellulose which has a negative atomic charge. Water has a positive atomic charge and, as you may know, opposites attract. At night, while you are sleeping on your normal cotton pillow case, it is soaking up all the moisture from your hair. Dryness causes your hair to be less lubricated and therefore there is an increase in friction when you do regular activities, like styling, combing, or even just sleeping on it. Hair cuticles aren’t smooth surfaces, they are similar to tiles on a rooftop. Straight hair has the smoothest cuticle layer, but the curlier your hair is the more raised it is, and with chemically treated hair the cuticle layer is practically wide open. The more raised the cuticle is, the more friction between your strands. Having moisturized hair allows each strand to be a little bit smoother, as it swells from hydration, therefore decreasing the resistance between the movement of the strands. Moisture helps mitigate the damage done to your hair and prevents breakage so you are able to keep your strands intact and they can grow longer.


    2. Preventing Acne: Wearing a satin scarf to sleep is a great way to keep your hair off of your face, so that your hair oils, or products, aren’t transferred to your skin (or onto your pillow and then onto your skin) over the course of the night. Your skin naturally produces oil (sebum) from sebaceous glands, just like your hair does. Sebum acts as adherent to stick to dead skin cells, that are then excreted from the body through your pores. Washing your face before bed helps get rid of a lot of the surface oil and a lot of the dead skin cells but when you sleep and you get oil from your hair, or hair products, on your skin it can re-clog your pores. Clogged pores can show up as small bumps and cause your skin to have a rough texture. Also, hair oil and product residue are very foreign to your skin so it can cause breakouts especially if your skin is very sensitive.


    3.  Protection: While having moisturized hair helps with the friction between your individual hair strands a satin pillowcase or head wrap combats friction between your hair and your pillow while you sleep. Most of us sleep in the same few positions every night and therefore we are rubbing the same spots of our head against our cotton pillowcase. Cotton may seem very soft but it is actually very rough on the hair and because the contact is consistent and for hours at a time it can cause the cuticle layer to completely erode and do damage to your actual cortex, which could change your hair texture, or the hair strand could break off completely. It’s similar to if you were to rub the same spot on a painted wall everyday, eventually you would create a spot where there was no paint because you wore it down day by day. Sleeping with a satin scarf is a great wear to protect your hair and your hairstyles so that it is still cute and ready to go the next day. If you have curls you want to preserve, natural or not, or a blowout you want to keep silky, tie a satin head wrap around your head, to cover your ‘do and avoid messing it up as you sleep.


    4. Glowing Skin: Cotton pillowcases extract moisture not only out of hair but skin as well. Because satin pillowcases are so tightly woven and not absorptive moisture stays on your skin and can be deeply soaked up (not by the pillowcase) over the course of the night. This means getting more out of your moisturizers and night creams. Your skin is made up of three layers, the outermost layer is the epidermis, the underlying skin is the dermis and the undermost layer is the hypodermis. Hydration is beneficial to all three layers but you will see the results in your epidermis. The cells will be more plump and the skin will be more elastic and soft. Fine lines and wrinkles will have a much harder time showing through and your skin will have a smoother texture, that feels better and if you wear makeup it will apply better and look less cakey.


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