Top 4 Winter Protective Styles

Buns: Buns are a very stylish and convenient protective style. They are easy to do and require minimal manipulation of the hair which is important for avoiding breakage, or thinning hair. It also keeps the ends of your hair from rubbing against your clothes or other surfaces, which causes friction and possibly breakage. It is important to not pull your hair up too tight as that can cause your hairline to recede and breakage from the hair tie rubbing against your hair too tightly. If you are someone who likes to lay your baby hairs when your hair is up in a bun it is important to use a healthy, alcohol free, non drying, gel or styling product, in order to protect your hairline, which is generally the most fragile part of your hair. Use our hair dew leave-in, mega mangrow moisture milk, re-do prepoo or conditioning curling custard to achieve this look.

French Braids: French braids are my next favorite protective style because they are very versatile. You can do the classic one or two french braids, do dutch braids, two french braids into buns, and many other fun hairstyles. French braids can also be worn for multiple days if you sleep on them with a satin scarf and keep them smooth. It is also a great hairstyle because when you take them out, you will have nice defined curls that you could potentially work into another hairstyle. It is another good way to reduce the friction on your hair but because your ends will usually be exposed (depending on your style of braid) you could still potentially get breakage near the end. With this style it is also very easy to pull too hard on your hair. Make sure you are braiding your hair when it is fully detangled and with a light oil on your fingertips to avoid breaking off your precious strands. Use our re-do prepoo, hair dew, or mega mangrow moisture milk to achieve this look. Our conditioning curling custard can be used to lay down edges and fly aways.

Cornrows: Cornrows are a great because since the braids lay flat against your head they generally do not pull on your edges too much and allow for great length retention. They are also great at keeping moisture locked into your hair, as the braids allow for minimal air exposure. It is also easy to care for your scalp and keep your hair moisturized while wearing cornrows. Your scalp is exposed and it is therefore easier to keep up with hair care while wearing this style. Though cornrows can take a little bit longer to achieve and some people will have to buy additional hair to achieve their desired look, still, it takes less time and is cheaper than braids, faux dreads, or twists. It is quite hard to wash cornrows. It is possible to use a no-rinse shampoo, or simply wash along your scalp but it is still really hard to maintain the braids and keep them from getting frizzy too fast. Regardless, cornrows are a beautiful, trendy and protective hairstyle that can be styled in many different ways, perfect for the winter months. Use re-do prepoo and hair dew leave-in to achieve this look.  You can also use stimulating scalp beverage to nourish the scalp, or hair dew leave-in to refresh the scalp.  Our conditioining curling custard be used to lay down edges and fly aways.

Satin Head Wraps: Satin head wraps are the most protective style out of all of my favorites. It provides incredible protection from all elements, friction, and requires very little manipulation of your actual hair. Satin is also a very non-absorptive material therefore it is great for keeping moisture close to your hair so it is able to absorb and retain it. During the wintertime especially moisture retention is important as the air is brisk and dry, which can cause dry, brittle hair. With a satin scarf there is also virtually no friction between your hair and other surfaces. There are many different head wrap styles and ways you can wrap your hair up to make it look different. This style can also be a way to preserve your curls, a twist/braid out, or buns throughout the day so you are able to wear other hairstyles throughout the week. A satin head wrap is also a gret way to re-do prepoo before washing as well.