Proteins and How They Affect Different Hair Porosities (Low, Medium, and High)

Who needs protein and who doesn’t? How often do we need protein and why do we need protein?  Wondering if you are using too much protein in your hair routine or not enough?  Our hair shafts are made up of 98% protein, a protein called keratin. The keratin amino acid chain forms the structure of the hair strand. Why? Because protein is a strengthener within itself. If you eat protein, you can build muscle. If you put protein on your hair, it will make your hair stronger. But how exactly does this work for your hair needs and your hair’s porosity?

People with low porosity hair strands naturally contain too much keratin protein within their own structure. Low porosity hair is resistant to moisture and are protein-sensitive. By adding “unwanted” protein to the hair strand becomes stiff and brittle, causing it to break.

Those with high porosity hair do not have a lot of protein in their hair strands. Because of the low protein, the hair strand is not very strong. Causing it to feel dry and un-moisturized. Incorporating protein in your hair routine with products such as conditioners and protein packs, is very crucial. Adding this strength and support will help structure your hair strands, giving it more texture.

If you have medium or normal hair porosity, your hair is at the right level with protein. It is ideal to keep up with “penetrating” products that contain protein. Doing a protein treatment every 6 weeks or a deep conditioner that has protein in it will help you maintain your hair structure and protein to keep your locks beautiful and strong.   The trick is not to over do it with protein.  Some medium porosity heads tend to lean more toward low porosity and thus have a protein sensitivity as well.  Test your hair.  If you find that your curls or waves become loose after a protein treatment, and you hair becomes dry or brittle, then you have protein sensitivity.

Using this information will help you pick the right products and oils to put in your hair.  Many oils have protein in them, such as coconut oil and most deep conditioners on the market have protein in them, making it hard for low and medium porosity strands to find the right products.  Luckily OrganiGrowHairCo has all the right products your hair needs. From our newly developed shampoo and conditioner, to our scalp beverage and pre-poo; we provide products based on your hair porosity needs. For low porosity we have products that are protein-free while for high porosity, we have products that include protein to give your hair the right amount of protein to make your hair strong again.

Always let the condition of your hair guide you!