Oily Hair? DryPoo to the Rescue

Introducing OrganiGrowHairCo’s Dry Poo


Maintenance is the key! We look after our hair all the time, especially on the weekends. From experimenting with home remedies, to trying the most exorbitant cosmetics, you’ve tried it all! On our worst hair days, OrganiGrowHairCo's Dry Poo is here to save it! Dry Poo is a dry substance that cleans your hair without the use of water. Dry Poo works by absorbing oil from your scalp and hair, and making it look and feel freshly washed. It’s simple and convenient when you are in a rush and want to refresh your hair. When your hair could use some cleaning and reviving, just apply some Dry Poo to look put together without even trying. It also extends the life of a fresh blowout, while increasing the body and bounce. Its especially beneficial to those who have colored hair and want to prevent the color from dulling so quickly. Dry Poo is great for boosting volume, texture, and hold, which are perfect for braids, buns, or up dos. It does all of this while eliminating odor and giving your hair keen freshness.

How Does Dry Poo Work?

Our scalp naturally produces sebum, an oil that keeps our heads healthy and well-moisturized. Between shampoos, sebum can build up - leaving hair looking greasy, dull, and lifeless. Dry Poo simply absorbs the excess oil on the scalp and hair, so that hair has more volume and looks freshly washed.

When To Use Dry Poo?

Dry Poo is the break that your hair needs. As folks lead busier lives, Dry Poo is a simple solution that could save you time and energy. When your hair needs a quick fix and you don’t have the time to wash and style, it’s your escape route. Whether you have a last minute date, need a quick clean after a work out, or your hair is worn from a long flight - Dry Poo can give your hair what it needs. The result is hair with improved body and bounce that looks and most importantly- feels clean. You can even use our Dry Poo as a styling product to preserve a hairstyle.

All Dry Shampoos Are Not Created Equal!

Commercial dry shampoos come in either powder or aerosol form. Several mainstream brands use starches and some are silica-based. While all dry shampoos probably work to soak up excess oil, what about the ingredients? Are they really natural? The aerosols are made with propellants - like butane - which have an odd odor and leave particles in the air. This can lead to problems for folks with sensitive noses as well as the environment. Others contain alcohols, talc, artificial fragrances and other synthetic ingredients. While the ingredients in a regular shampoo are rinsed away when you wash your hair - dry shampoo ingredients may remain on your scalp for days. Is this a problem? Who knows! But why bother with a chemical laden dry shampoo when there is a natural option? Chemicals? No. How about: fine, silky, organic botanical starch powders and therapeutic botanicals that blend in easily and transform greasy, dull, lifeless hair into fresh locks. They are made with safe, organic ingredients, organic essential oils; not synthetic fragrances and are non-GMO, talc free and gluten free.


Dry Poo Perks:


Good for all hair types

Promotes healthy hair

Helps soothe itchy scalp

Refreshes hair naturally

Adds body and shine

Extends time between washes

Perfect for morning hair care or after the gym when your hair needs a quick pick-me-up

A great alternative to shampooing when camping or traveling

Made with organic essential oils -- not synthetic fragrances

Non-GMO, talc free, gluten free

With OrganiGrowHairCo's Dry Poo you can bring back natural beauty, bounce, and body to hair between shampoos. Get yours today at www.OrganiGrowHairCo.com