How do you hydrate low porosity hair?

Low porosity hair has a difficult time absorbing moisture, so it's essential to use the right techniques and products to properly hydrate it. Here are some tips to help you hydrate low porosity hair:

  1. Use warm water: Low porosity hair can't absorb moisture effectively with cold water. Start with warm water to open up the hair cuticles, allowing for better absorption of moisture.

  2. Use a clarifying shampoo: Low porosity hair tends to have buildup, which makes it difficult to absorb moisture. Use a clarifying shampoo to remove buildup and allow moisture to penetrate.

  3. Use a deep conditioner: Deep conditioners are essential for low porosity hair. Choose a product that contains humectants, such as glycerin, which helps to attract moisture to the hair.

  4. Use a steamer: A steamer can help to open up the hair cuticles and allow for better absorption of moisture. If you don't have a steamer, you can use a shower cap to create a similar effect.

  5. Avoid heavy products: Low porosity hair can become easily weighed down by heavy products. Use lightweight products such as leave-in conditioners and oils.

  6. Don't over-moisturize: While it's essential to keep low porosity hair hydrated, too much moisture can cause the hair to become mushy and lose its shape. Find the right balance for your hair type.