Oh Wow, I Was Missing A Brow

Read This, It Just Might Raise A Brow


YOUR HAIR WILL NEVER GROW BACK THERE!”  “YOU CANNOT GROW HAIR ANYMORE.” “I AM SORRY BUT YOU WILL HAVE TO STICK TO WIGS.”Have you ever been told any phrases like this?  I have a story that will give you hope! I received a message from a client that uses our product and wanted us to share his story as it was a solution to a problem he accepted to be as the doctors suggested. When he was 16 he was in an accident and severely cut his face causing a deep scar in his eyebrow which left a large portion of the hair missing. Doctors told him that he should be grateful. A few more inches lower he would have lost his eye. He was grateful, even when they said, “Scar tissue does not regrow hair as the cells form a solid patch to heal the wound & there is no way to regrow hair in these areas as there are no pores.”


As time passed without any difference or signs of regrowth he took to the internet for answer out of curiosity only to be discouraged by what he found. Nothing other than what was supportive of the doctor’s claims.


“I even went on different forums to see if someone perhaps had solutions. I let them know I was involved in an accident in 10th grade and got cut pretty bad on my eyebrow and got stiches. My question was, will the hair ever grow back? Is there anything I can do to make it grow back?”


These were a few of the responses he received…


“Stop obsessing about it and wear it with pride. Facial scars like this often lend a rakish air to men (the warrior appeal) and for women provide an interesting topic for casual conversation.”


Probably not, scars usually don't grow hair. Use an eyebrow pencil to fill it in.”


Traumatic injuries usually do not grow back. Eyebrows, lashes, neck hair, etc. grow at a slower rate than the hair on your head. If your brow hasn't grown back by now, it probably won’t.”


“No, it won’t grow back but that’s why they made pencils. You can draw that little piece in; It works really good.”


“I don’t think so. After all these years, But you’re a good person; right? You are healthy, your family and friends love you, you are doing well in school and the world is out there to conquer. Hey it gives you character! Think of all the fibs you will be able to spin to get the love of your life. Fought off four thugs, saved a duck from a crocodile, saved the opposite tam from scoring three goals and won the game for your team, she may not believe a word but will love you for trying hard, being imaginative and making her laugh! Good luck.”


Although these weren’t the answers he was looking for it helped confirm what he already knew and helped him accept it and move forward past the idea of it. Almost

20 years have passed since his accident and the last thing on his mind or agenda was eyebrow issues. Until one day he stumbled upon our products in which he currently uses. Amongst the shampoos & conditioners he uses regularly, he came across another product that may have altered what he has believed all these years.


Brow “Chica” Wow Wow. Our client has been using this product for the past two months. To his surprise, what couldn’t be accomplished in decades in just two months we have seen amazing results. Our client said his brow has grown at least 35% in just two months with only one application before bed. Our unique blend of castor oil & coconut oil and essential oils promotes healthy hair growth, stimulates the hair follicles and prevents shedding.


Our client is so pleased with the results he wanted us to write about his experience in case someone out there is searching the web for answers. They will now be able to find one. A true solution. Who is to say the doctor was wrong or right. 20 years ago OrganiGrowHairCo didn’t exist. What he told our younger client was probably true; but never give up hope as everyday there are new developments. We receive testimonials daily about our products that have helped people contrary to popular belief. Try our product for yourself today a OrganiGrowHairCo.com