Newborn Hair Care by @hersocialgroovybaby

Hey Friends!

I became obsessed with searching YouTube and blogs about hair care for newborn/infant babies when we found out we were having a girl. There were a few great reviews of various brands and ultimately, I settled on purchasing from the Cantu Kids line (probably because it was on sale). I started using this line once the sample size of Johnson & Johnson’s Baby shampoo that I received from the hospital had finished. From mid-August to December, I used Cantu Kids in Charlotte’s hair and I thought it was more or less decent enough. Then by mid/late December, a girlfriend of mines, G, introduced me to Organigrow Hair Company – a vegan, cruelty-free, hand-crafted natural hair care line.


I became obsessed with looking at Organigrow’s Instagram page and website. I asked questions from the owner/team and from those who had submitted their before and after photos. After much deliberation, calculation, and answered questions, I had finally made up my mind. Because Organigrow is based on hair porosity, I tested a few of our hair strands. Based on the results, I placed my order for the Low Porosity Platinum Bundle. This order came with the following items:

– 1 Low Porosity Stimulating Scalp Beverage

– 1 Low Porosity Re-Do k

– 1 GrowPoo Clarifying Shampoo

– 1 GrowTein Free Deep Moisture Condish

– 1 Low Porosity Hair Dew

– 1 Scalp Massager

Within the first use, I could understand what all the genuine hype was about. I usually wash Charlotte’s hair on Fridays after her swimming class. A typical wash day for Charlotte consists of me prepping her hair with the Prepoo Oil from the night before, and following up with the shampoo and deep conditioning treatment after her swim class. It still amazes me that after the initial wash, I can finger detangle her hair easily.


And as if that’s not enough, after the deep condition treatment is complete (I leave it on for five minutes while I bathe her) her curls have a natural sheen, bounce, and softness that seemingly melts into my hands. Charlotte’s curls are well moisturized and highly defined prior to me putting anything else in it. Once all the product is rinsed out, I spritz the Hair Dew all over and then apply a small amount of the Prepoo Oil to seal in the moisture.

Sometimes, I braid Charlotte’s hair into one big braid or leave it as is and put on a satin-lined bonnet (that I try to get her to keep on throughout the night). Often times, I style her hair in a small puff on Saturdays and then braid her hair down in four sections from Sunday to Friday. Every day after wash day, I refresh Charlotte’s curls/braids with the Hair Dew and seal with the Prepoo Oil.

It has been THREE full months of using Organigrow for Charlotte and I must say that it was worth every single penny I paid for it. I am happy to report that I am not in my local beauty supply every so often buying more products that I really don’t need and my pocket is happier because of it. Charlotte’s hair has been thriving and by that I mean it looks healthy and strong because it is exactly that! Our stash of Organigrow is slowing coming to its end which means it’s time to put in another order. This time, I will be purchasing the Diamond Bundle as I do need to get my hands on the styling product that is offered with it.

Organigrow products does what it says it will do and so, I will be a lifetime customer and of course, Charlotte will be as well! I’ll talk about what I do with my natural hair another day. Remember to follow along with us on Instagram @hersocialgrooveandbaby