LCO stands for leave-in, cream, oil. LOC stands for leave-in, oil, cream. Custard or gel can also be used instead of cream depending on your texture.  So which one should you use and when is it best to use? This depends on your hair texture density and porosity as well as the climate in your region!

Low to Medium Porosity

Low porosity hair is hair with flat cuticles or small pores and therefore can’t absorb moisture as well, or as fast. Starting with a water based leave in such as our Hair Dew Leave In conditioner, will provide the hair with the hydration & h20 it needs. The oil seals in the leave in, acts as a barrier to protect your hair from weathering and other daily damage, however it can also prevent the already struggling pores to absorb a cream. Also, because low-po hair is prone to buildup, some people may find that layering oil and cream will cause their hair to be weighed down and greasy. Therefore we recommend the LCO for 3b to 3b low porosity, dense thick hair using Hair Dew Leave In, Mega Mangrow Moisture Milk and less than a half a pump of Low Porosity Re-Do Prepoo in dry climates and especially during the winter. For fine thinner wavier to loose curl textures such as 2a-3a we recommend using our LCC (Leave in Cream Custard) method. Hair Dew Leave-in, Mega Mangro Moisture Milk and Conditioning Curling Custard. The LCC method is also great for those who live in humid climates, and during the hot summer months.

High Porosity Hair

High porosity hair generally responds better to the LOC method using a water based leave in such as our high porosity Hair Dew Leave In Conditioner followed by oil and then a cream because its larger open pores can absorb the product rather than letting it sit and clog the hair follicle. Using oil on high porosity hair, directly after using a water based leave in such as our Hair Dew Leave In Conditioner can also prevent damage that can happen from constantly reapplying  water on the hair. This can lead to hygral fatigue; the result of excessive hair swelling and contracting from too much moisture. The LCO method can be used in high porosity hair that is not as dense, thick or dry and for those who live in very dry climates.  For the LOC & LCO method we recommend our med/high porosity Hair Dew Leave In Conditioner, a half a pump of Re-Do Prepoo, followed by our Mega Mangrow Moisture Milk.

Please check out the youtube video posted on our website on the LCO method for a tutorial!