Dangers of Product Buildup!!

What is product buildup?


Product buildup is an accumulation or layering of product on the hair strand. Have you ever thought about all the products you have loaded onto your hair by the end of each week? Have you ever noticed a white residue on your scalp or your hair? Does your hair become dry, stringy, or brittle by the end of the week? This is an indication of product build up and it is caused by shampoos, conditioners, and other styling products accruing over time due to overuse and not being completely eliminated at wash time. Build up prevents the benefits of products from reaching the strands, so it can be very dangerous to the overall hair health.


How to avoid product buildup?

  • Avoid hair products with silicones, sulfates mineral oils & heavy oils
  • Properly wash your hair weekly
  • Learn how to apply products in moderation (less is more)
  • Apply product at hair ends and work up to the root
  • Add a clarifying shampoo to your hair care routine


Using a clarifying shampoo, specifically our GrowPoo Clarifying Shampoo, is one of the most common and effective methods for relieving the scalp of excess dirt and residue. Clarifying shampoos also help to lift away mineral deposits from hard water, and the chlorine and other chemicals that stick to hair in a swimming pool.


After using clarifying shampoo, make sure to follow up with our moisturizing deep conditioner, GrowTein Free Deep Moisture Condish or Growtein Deep Moisture Condish otherwise your hair will be very dry after removing the product build up. Happy Growing!