Are Those Other Hair Products Breaking You Out?

Have you ever used a hair product you felt was beneficial to your hair yet you had reservations using it because you knew this was also the reason you were breaking out? Even for men; in the pursuit of training your hair for a wavy hairstyle. Wrapping your hair overnight after you put hair grease or pomade in it only to wake up to tiny bumps along your hairline, the upper part of your forehead, or both? Have you noticed tiny bumps along the back of your neck? The culprit may be your hair care products. Shampoos, conditioners, and styling products can cause whiteheads and other types of acne in these areas. The bumps can be so subtle that you can feel but not see them. Some people develop numerous, closely packed bumps that they can see.

Even if you’ve never had acne, hair care products can cause breakouts. This is so common that there’s actually a medical name for it — acne cosmetica. This literally means acne caused by products we apply to our skin or hair. When hair care products contain oil, the oil can find its way to your skin. Once this happens, the oil can clog your pores. Clogged pores can lead to acne. Also, sodium lauryl sulfate and ammonium lauryl sulfate tend to cause trouble for people as well. These are known as "detergents," and they cause that rich, sudsy lather when you shampoo. In general, if you have sensitive skin, you should be shopping for sulfate-free throughout your entire beauty regimen. (These ingredients are also found in body washes and facial cleansers!)

A good rule of thumb is to go with products that have a shorter and more natural, ingredient list. Many of the acne causing ingredients may appear to be good for your hair, leaving us in the dilemma of either good hair and bad skin or good skin and bad hair. Have you ever asked yourself why you can’t have both?

“The Price We Pay For A Good Hair Day”

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