Should curly hair be cut wet or dry

The decision to cut curly hair wet or dry often depends on the preferences of the stylist and the desired outcome. There are advantages and disadvantages to both methods:

  1. Wet Cutting:

    • Precision: Wet hair allows for more precision in cutting because the hair is stretched and straight, making it easier to create even lines and layers.
    • Control: It's easier for the stylist to control the length and shape of the cut when the hair is wet.
    • Consistency: Wet cutting can help achieve a more consistent look, which is essential for certain styles.
  2. Dry Cutting:

    • Natural Texture: Cutting hair when it's dry allows the stylist to see the hair's natural texture and curl pattern, which can be especially important for curly hair.
    • Customization: It allows for a more customized cut, as the stylist can assess how the hair falls naturally and tailor the cut to suit the individual's curls.
    • Less Shrinkage Surprise: Curly hair tends to shrink when it dries, so cutting it dry can reduce the risk of ending up with a shorter length than intended.