Types of Curly Hair

Curly hair types are categorized into different patterns and textures, and they are typically classified using a numerical and letter system. This system, often referred to as the "curly hair classification" or the "Andre Walker Hair Typing System," was developed by Oprah Winfrey's former hairstylist, Andre Walker.

The system ranges from Type 2 to Type 4, with each type representing a specific curl pattern. Here's an overview of the different curly hair types:

  1. Type 2 - Wavy Hair:

    • Type 2A: Fine, loose S-shaped waves.
    • Type 2B: Medium-textured hair with more defined, pronounced waves.
    • Type 2C: Thick and coarse hair with well-defined, coarse S-shaped waves.
  2. Type 3 - Curly Hair:

    • Type 3A: Loose, well-defined, springy curls with a circumference similar to a sidewalk chalk.
    • Type 3B: Tighter, spiral or ringlet-like curls with a circumference similar to a marker or pen.
    • Type 3C: Corkscrew curls, which are densely packed and have a circumference similar to a pencil or straw.
  3. Type 4 - Coily or Kinky Hair:

    • Type 4A: Tightly coiled, S-shaped curls that are small in circumference, like a crochet needle or the inside of a pen.
    • Type 4B: Z-shaped coils that are less defined and have a zig-zag pattern, resembling the circumference of a shoelace.
    • Type 4C: Extremely tight, densely packed coils that may not have a visible curl pattern and can be very fragile. The circumference is similar to a paperclip.