Stress and Hair Loss: Potential Ways to Cope

Any number of stressful situations can trigger hair loss, including pandemic, travel, back to school, pregnancy, chronic illness, injury, relationship issues, financial concerns, poor nutrition, surgery, medications such as antidepressants, and even jet lag. To counteract stress and protect your hair, try these tips:

  • Learn and practice relaxation techniques (such as deep breathing, meditation, or yoga) regularly
  • Get regular exercise, which helps manage stress and its effects
  • Spend time with positive people — isolating yourself can make stress worse
  • Eat a healthy diet and take a multivitamin if your doctor recommends it
  • Treat your hair with care when washing, drying, and styling it
  • Try our PEACE PILLS with Ashwaganda not only it helps calm the nerves and helps get better rest but increases overall mood while decreasing stress.

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