Understanding how to care for high porosity hair can revolutionize your natural curl care routine. Many use the LCO method—leave-in conditioner, cream, and oil—to keep their high porosity hair vibrant. Experts agree that this is one of the most effective ways to care for high porosity hair.


Choose a good leave-in conditioner for high porosity curls. You'll want to focus on ingredients that maximize moisture retention. This means no sulfates, parabens, or harsh additives. 

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Highly porous curly hair can retain shape by implementing styling cream. Look for a sculpting product designed to hold as well as nourish. 


Natural is your best option and also the most cost-effective for savvy beauty gurus. We recommend argan oil, jojoba oil, or essential rose oil to seal your ends after conditioning. This prevents moisture from escaping and boosts water retention. You'll notice softer, more elastic curls shortly after implementing this tried-and-true style routine.



Protein treatments are also a great addition to a high porosity hair care routine. You may have heard of keratin as one of the best-strengthening ingredients for natural curls. Keratin is the protein found in healthy hair and nails. As high porosity hair is prone to breakage, a keratin treatment can boost resilience, strengthen the hair shaft to prevent moisture escape, and promote new hair growth. Strengthening products also help restructure the cuticle to promote balance. Schedule a salon day as a treat to yourself and your curls for a monthly keratin conditioning treatment.



Don't neglect your scalp—it's the foundation for healthy hair growth. A strong root system leads to more resilient curls. Incorporate scalp massages into your routine weekly or bi-weekly. A hydrating scalp treatment can promote new cell growth and exfoliate the scalp, enhancing cuticle structure for improved strength, elasticity, and health. Steam treatments on wash days can further improve scalp health and leave curls feeling softer and more relaxed.

By incorporating these products and practices into your routine, you can keep your high porosity hair healthy, vibrant, and well-moisturized.