Types of Curls

  1. Type 1: Straight Hair

    • 1A: Stick-straight, fine hair.
    • 1B: Straight but with a slight bend at the ends.
    • 1C: Straight with a thicker and more noticeable wave at the ends.
  2. Type 2: Wavy Hair

    • 2A: Loose, beachy waves.
    • 2B: Defined S-shaped waves.
    • 2C: Waves that tend to frizz and are more resistant to styling.
  3. Type 3: Curly Hair

    • 3A: Loose curls with a diameter similar to sidewalk chalk.
    • 3B: Springy curls with a diameter similar to a Sharpie marker.
    • 3C: Tight curls or corkscrews with a diameter similar to a pencil.
  4. Type 4: Coily/Kinky Hair

    • 4A: Defined, tight curls with an "S" pattern.
    • 4B: Z-shaped coils that range from tight to very tight.
    • 4C: Tightly coiled hair with minimal definition and a high level of shrinkage.