Protect Your Hair Protective Style Tutorial



Protect your hair using OrganiGrowHairCo and this box braids protective style. CEO of OrganiGrowHairCo and OrganiGlowSkinCo KAY COLA walks you through prepping your hair for box braids with your wash, how the braids are properly installed and maintained so as to not cause breakage, dryness and defeat the purpose of getting a protective style.

Products Used for Prep : Low to medium porosity Re-Do Prepoo Growpoo Clarifying Shampoo Growpoo Moisture Shampoo Growtein Deep Moisture Condish OrganiGrow shampoo brush

Products Used for Braids: Low Porosity Hair Dew Leave In Conditioner Vegan texture butter Low to Medium Porosity Conditioning Curling Custard

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