Postpartum Hair Shedding, Thinning and Breakage

Postpartum Hair Shedding, Thinning and Breakage
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Products used:
🌱The Condish Protein Free
🌱Clarifying shampoo
🌱Moisturizing shampoo
🌱Mega mango moisture milk
🌱Hair dew leave in conditioner
🌱Grow n Glow Vitamins

Hair Loss After Giving Birth. Once you have had your baby, your hormone levels return to their pre pregnancy levels. The drop in estrogen triggers your hair to go back to the cycle of growth, resting, and falling out.
A significant portion of your hair will begin the resting phase right away. Several months later, the hairs have completed their resting phase and start to fall out.
Postpartum hair loss is noticeable because it's much more than the 100 hairs a person typically loses per day. The technical name for this type of hair loss is telogen effluvium, which means excessive shedding. The hormone fluctuations that happen in women who are postpartum cause more strands of hair than usual to enter the resting stage and then fall out a few weeks later. You may find that you are losing as many as 300 hairs per day.

I know first hand how disheartening hair fall can be.  With dedication and OrganiGrowHairCo products you do stand a fighting chance! The key is not to give up. 
You may see immediate results or it may take a few months, but I am confident that you will be happy that you kept going! Happy Growing!

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