Lemonade braids Hairstyles for Ladies - 2023



Lemonade braids, also known as side-swept cornrows, are a popular and trendy hairstyle that gained prominence after Beyoncé wore them in her "Lemonade" album and visual album. These braids are characterized by their sleek, flat, and close-to-the-scalp appearance. They are often created with small, tight cornrows that are braided in a curved or diagonal pattern, typically starting from one side of the head and moving towards the opposite side.

Here are some key features and steps for creating lemonade braids:

  1. Parting: The hair is usually divided into small sections using precise parting to achieve a clean and uniform look. The parts can be straight or follow a specific pattern, depending on your preference.

  2. Cornrowing: The hair is then cornrowed, which involves braiding each section close to the scalp. The braids are typically small and tight to achieve the desired sleekness. The rows are usually braided flat to the scalp, with the extensions (if used) gradually added as you braid.

  3. Direction: Lemonade braids often follow a curved or diagonal pattern, with the braids being pulled to one side of the head. They may also be braided straight back or in other creative patterns.

  4. Length: The length of the braids can vary. Some people prefer shorter braids that stop at the nape of the neck, while others opt for longer braids that can go down to the back or even extend to the waist.

  5. Hair extensions: If you want to add length or thickness to your braids, you can use hair extensions. These extensions are often braided into your natural hair as you create the cornrows.

  6. Styling: Once the braids are in place, you can style them in various ways, such as tying them with a hairband or letting them hang freely. Be sure to use edge control products or gel to keep the hair neat and smooth.