Growth & Health

A lot of people over the last 3 years have reported hair loss and there are a numerous amounts of reasons for hair loss so here are the facts. -We lose anywhere from 50-150 strands a day - There are many reasons for hair loss but one of the number one reasons is stress. Stress to the body the mind or immune system. If you have had covid or the vaccine recently you may have noticed hair loss. Please research this. Other reasons include a change in hormones whether postpartum related or menopause related etc. Starting or starting medication. - Our customer @getalucy experienced hair loss after getting vaccinated and we suggested a detox to reset her body. This is a months difference. - Detoxing, taking our Grow N Glow vitamins, Peace Pills and using our products consistently as well as our tips can help improve your overall health and hair health. Reducing stress increasing water intake and using our shower filter as well. Your body is constantly speaking to you so it’s important to listen. Get blood work done, check your thyroid and hormones! We are rooting for you. Happy growing.