7 Tips to help your texture thrive 

1. Re- Do Prepoo restorative oil that when used correctly and consistently can help you get your natural texture back 
2. Clarifying Shampoo removes product build up so your natural texture can shine through. 
3. The Condish (Protein & Protein Free) deep condition with this once a week to help with moisture and definition 
4. Vegan GroGurt a whipped leave in that helps with retention and curl definition 
5. Mega Moisture Milk our styling lotion that helps bring moisture into the hair 
6. Conditioning Curling Custard our light non drying non flaking gel. Gels are a great styling product to define curls and add texture and body.
7. Mega Moisture Mousse our non toxic mousse helps give massive definition and volume to curls. 
Getting regular trims 2-3 times a year staying consistent with your routine, drinking water and balancing your hormones with herbs are a great way to help your texture thrive.