Best Haircuts for Curly Hair: Flattering Styles for Every Face Shape

Curly hair offers a wide range of flattering styles that can complement various face shapes. When choosing a haircut for curly hair, it's essential to consider your face shape and hair texture to achieve the most flattering look. Here are some hairstyle ideas for different face shapes:

  1. Oval Face Shape:

    • Oval faces are versatile and can pull off many hairstyles, including long layers, shaggy cuts, and shoulder-length curls. Consider a layered cut that adds movement and volume while enhancing your natural curl pattern.
  2. Round Face Shape:

    • For round faces, opt for haircuts that add height and lengthen the face. Long layers or an angled bob with longer pieces in the front can help elongate your facial features. Avoid very short styles that emphasize the roundness of the face.
  3. Square Face Shape:

    • Soften a square face shape with hairstyles that have layers and waves. Consider a shoulder-length cut with cascading curls or loose waves. Side-swept bangs can also help soften the angles of the face.
  4. Heart Face Shape:

    • Heart-shaped faces can benefit from hairstyles that add volume around the jawline. Try a shoulder-length cut with layers and curls to balance the wider forehead. Side-parted styles can also complement this face shape.
  5. Diamond Face Shape:

    • Diamond faces often have a narrower hairline and a pointed chin. Choose haircuts that add width to the forehead and chin area while highlighting the cheekbones. A layered bob or a medium-length cut with curls can work well for this face shape.
  6. Oblong Face Shape:

    • Oblong faces benefit from hairstyles that add width to the sides. Consider a shoulder-length cut with layers and curls or waves. Bangs can also be flattering, as they shorten the appearance of the forehead.
  7. Pear Face Shape:

    • Pear-shaped faces are wider at the jawline and narrower at the forehead. Opt for hairstyles that add volume and width to the top of the head, such as voluminous curls or layers. A side-swept style can also help balance the face.

General Tips for Curly Haircuts:

  • Layers are excellent for adding shape and definition to curly hair. They help prevent the hair from appearing too heavy or bulky.
  • Avoid very blunt cuts, as they can lead to a pyramid-like shape in curly hair.
  • Embrace your natural curls and work with your hair's texture rather than against it.
  • Regular trims are essential for maintaining healthy curls and preventing split ends.
  • Best to bring your own hair products

Before getting a new haircut, consult with a professional hairstylist who is experienced in working with curly hair. They can help tailor a style that best complements your unique face shape and hair type.

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