5 Ways To Have Healthier Hair

1. Brush Before You Shower

To maintain strong and healthy hair, make it a habit to brush your hair before stepping into the shower. No matter your hair texture, taking just 60 seconds to detangle strands can prevent breakage. According to Brook, hair is more susceptible to damage when wet, so it's crucial to remove knots when your hair is dry.

An additional advantage of brushing dry hair is that it helps distribute natural scalp oils throughout the length of your hair. This makes your hair smoother and more prepared for styling after your shower.

2. Condition Correctly

When conditioning your hair, a nickel-size drop is usually sufficient unless your hair is exceptionally long. According to Brook, it's best to start by applying conditioner to the mid-shaft and ends of your hair, then gradually move up towards the scalp. This ensures that both the ends and scalp receive adequate hydration.

For effective conditioning, leave the conditioner on for at least a minute before rinsing it out. This step is particularly crucial if you frequently use dry shampoo to prevent dryness of the scalp.

3. Prioritize Hair Masks for Hydration

To maintain hydrated and smooth strands, incorporate a moisturizing hair mask or deep conditioner into your routine. Aim to use it at least once a week, increasing frequency if you regularly use hot styling tools.

4. Choosing Effective Haircare Ingredients

Navigating the haircare aisle can be overwhelming, but focusing on key ingredients can simplify your selection. Look for products enriched with strengthening ingredients that nourish your strands. Brook recommends integrating Argan oil, aloe, or spirulina into your haircare regimen to enhance hair health.

5. Importance of Scalp Care

Maintaining a healthy scalp is essential. Any signs of dryness, itching, or other scalp issues can impact the health of your hair. To keep your scalp balanced and in good condition,