Hair Brush Bundle

Our new brush bundle includes detangling tools that works on each hair texture.
They can also be used on dry or wet hair. These brushes make the detangling and styling process easier by gently removing knots and tangles. Be sure to start at the ends of your hair and work your way to the root to reduce breakage.

Detangling Brush - This brush is designed to reduce tension making the detangling process effortless. It can be used with or without the clip attachment. Works best on type 3/4 hair textures.

Massaging Brush - Improve your hair growth by working this brush in small circular motions on your scalp. These thin bristles are able to reach the scalp and encourage blood circulation. Works best on type 1-2 hair and can be used as a detangler as well for these hair textures.

Wide-Toothed Comb - Use this comb during the deep conditioning process to evenly distribute the product. The spacing between the comb allows the hair to glide through without getting caught making this brush less damaging to your hair. Works best on all hair textures.

Parting Comb - Achieve straight parts and designs with our parting comb. The small bristles can be used for parting and laying down the hair when styling. Works best on all hair textures. 

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