Grow Diamond Bundle (Low Porosity)

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Recommended for Low Porosity wavy, curly, coily hair.  Repair, grow, protect, cleanse, condition, nourish, and style with this all-inclusive bundle.  Perfect for those looking to grow longer, stronger, fuller, natural hair.

This bundle includes:

Oils, two shampoos (clarifying and moisturizing), one conditioner, one leave-in (hair dew),  one styling cream (moisture milk), one custard




Moisture shampoo


Style as directed in our styling products section (try the combos to see what works best)

XL Bundle: 16oz Shampoo and Conditioner bottles

(Keep the non oil based products refrigerated)

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Gabrielle B
I LOVE Organi Grow Hair Co <3

I have been a customer of Organic Grow Hair Co for the last 3/4 years and have lived by this product bundle. The ingredients tailored for my low porosity hair has really changed my scalps health for the better. I went from having very un-hydrated and dry hair to moisturized hair with defined curls. I love the product and the overall brand and is my one and only recommendation for natural hair products.

eboni phinney
Another review for my son!

Okay so I left a review a while back saying I love these products abut had to stop using due to irritation. (But I’m going to try again soon) but anyways, I never talked about what these products did for my son!!! I’m not going to lie, I’m no as consistent when it comes to washing and styling my sons hair because he’s 3 and HATES it. He fights me every time I try to do his hair. Wash day can be a breeze then sometimes he doesn’t want me to wash it at all. BUT with your shampoo and conditioner it does make it easier. First, the shampoo cleanses his hair really well of course!! The conditioner he loves especially when I use the detangle brush with it he doesn’t move or cry at all. I always pre poo his hair before washing and use the scalp beverage. And for styling I use the hair dew with either the texture butter or the vegan grogurt. What surprised me was when I blow dried his hair one day to give him a slight trim and although I hadn’t been doing his hair as much and it tends to get knots on the ends his didn’t really have much split ends or damage!!! I was like what???? How is this possible??? That shows your products really do work. Proof that ingredients matter! I swear his hair was so flowy and bouncy and soft when I blow dried with the hair dew. I didn’t even need to add oil until the day after to his scalp. Since using the scalp beverage on him I’ve never seen his scalp get dry or flaky. His hair is always soft after styling and even though sometimes I go a week or 2 without touching his hair, your products always bounce his hair back to life and keep it healthy. If you have toddlers who hate getting their hair done I would suggest using this!

Juwan Hayes
Juwan Hayes review

The only products I use that fr fr I can’t use anything else my hair will hate me

stacey schofield
Amazing Product

Our whole family love your product! My hair has never looked healthier. Even my hair dresser has commented on how beautiful my hair has gotten! TY

eboni phinney
Possibly allergic or skin too sensitive

I absolutely love and stand by these products. I recommend them to every single person I know going natural or looking for healthier products. I’ve seen a drastic change with my hair since using these products. Unfortunately, I have to discontinue using them. This really sucks because I feel like I’ve found something that really works for me. But for a while now I’ve noticed no matter how much I clarify, deep condition, and moisturize my scalp is super itchy and flaky even on wash day. My hair is really dry lately when I use the moisture milk. It doesn’t seem like it’s moisturizing my hair like it once did. I usually use the hair dew before the moisture milk and it still feels dry and a little straw like. I have to use the vegan grogurt majority of the time to maintain moisture. I’ve also noticed it’s something about light (both indoor and sunlight) that makes my scalp/skin itchy & burn after I wash my hair or specifically use the curling custard. It causes a lot of irritation and acne on my hair line or sides of my face as well. This sucks and breaks my heart! Maybe I’ll try again one day but for right now I don’t think I can use them. I will continue to use the skin care though. Works wonders and doesn’t irritate my skin. If I do continue to use any hair products it would definitely be the scalp beverage, conditioner, pre poo, and vegan grogurt.

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