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Stimulating Scalp Beverage – High with Black Seed Oil


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100% Organic & Vegan

Growth & Scalp Elixir

For High Porosity Hair

(Daily Oil Elixir)


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Product Description

This daily hair elixir promotes longer, stronger, thicker hair with a special blend of organic oils and essential oils specifically designed for damaged, chemically treated, or processed High Porosity hair.  Because High porosity hair is usually a sign of color damage, applying too many chemicals, too much heat, environmental damage or rough treatment, the oils in the High Po Stimulating Scalp Beverage focus on filling the holes and repairing these highly porous strands. The main focus is to seal the cuticle while repairing with heavier oils rich in fatty acids.

Hemp seed oil, which contains the most essential fatty acids than any other plant in the world, will also do an amazing job of sealing the cuticle. It will also strengthen the strands with gamma-linoleic which contributes to keratin formation around each strand. Coconut oil, a staple in many coveted hair products should only be used daily by those with High porosity hair, as it is a heavier oil, and can make Low Po hair dry and brittle.

Coconut oil and green tea extract fight dandruff, seal in moisture and restores the hair to a healthier state.  Coconut oil reduces protein loss and conditions hair from within, giving hair more body, shine and reduces frizz. All of the oils and essential oils are just the perfect recipe for these thirsty locks and scalp, creating fuller, healthier, stronger strands.

Directions: Apply 15-20 drops directly to the entire scalp daily. Massage with fingers or OrganiGrowHairCo scalp massager.


Coconut Oil: a natural healer and is research-proven to overall strengthen hair strands, hair follicles and scalps. It moisturizes, adds shine, prevents breakage and fights problems like dandruff, lice and insect bites.

Olive Oil: is packed with antioxidants which not only helps the skin on your scalp, but can help reduce some of the damage our styling habits may have done. It improves blood circulation and stimulates the follicles, which will produce longer, thicker strands. Also fights off fungi, bacteria, dandruff and head lice. It conditions and coats the hair, making it shinier and softer. 

Green Tea Extract: helps with dandruff, while also reducing hair loss and improving texture.

Hemp Seed Oil: contains fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and nutrients that moisturize the scalp and hair, while promoting hair growth and strengthening the hair to prevent breakage. 

A unique blend of essential oils that nourish and stimulate the scalp promoting hair growth, shine and elasticity

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