Satin Head Wraps

$11 $17

Reduce frizz, and breakage sleeping with our head wraps.

Offered in 6 colors: Indigo, Midnight Black, Olive, Cocoa Mocha, Nude, Deep Navy

Handcrafted to order. 

Satin Head Wraps - Elevate Your Style and Protect Your Hair

Introducing our luxurious Satin Head Wraps, the perfect fusion of style and hair care. These wraps are designed to enhance your look while providing the ultimate protection for your precious locks.

Key Features:

  • Style with Ease: Elevate your fashion game effortlessly with our Satin Head Wraps, adding a touch of elegance to any outfit.
  • Hair Protection: Crafted from high-quality satin, these wraps protect your hair from friction, reducing breakage and maintaining your hair's natural moisture.
  • Versatile Fashion Accessory: Whether it's a chic updo, a protective wrap for bedtime, or a statement piece during the day, our Satin Head Wraps are your versatile fashion companion.
  • Gentle on Hair: The smooth satin surface minimizes frizz and tangling, ensuring your hair stays smooth and manageable.
  • Ideal for All Hair Types: Perfect for curly, straight, or natural hair, our Satin Head Wraps cater to a variety of hair textures and styles.

Add a touch of luxury to your daily routine with Satin Head Wraps. Embrace style, protect your hair, and make a statement with this must-have fashion accessory.

Customer Reviews

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Great wrap

Really light and protective. I wear it every night.

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